Wondering in the City




I will be going to the city tomorrow and I am thinking what to wear. You see, I am a country side girl. I am always at home and it is so seldom that I go to the city. Sometimes, I go there just so I can watch a new movie or just go to the malls or hang out with friends (which are probably about every six months). I a home buddy and I always love hanging out with my cats or just painting another work for my next exhibit. So tomorrow will be my outing to the city and I am thinking what to buy in the shopping mall. My brother asked me to buy him a couple of school supplies while mother asked me to buy her some new cooking books. As for myself, I think I need to buy new clothes and accessories. Probably a new coat, new boots, some new magazines for inspiration, a Zegarki wood watch (it’s my favourite), and some pens and paints for my art works. I am excited tomorrow too as a new store will be opening in the shopping mall. I heard they will be selling art materials and that is something that interests me as i am a painter and an artist. Maybe I could also partner with them for my upcoming project. Let’s see.