Second thoughts

I am actually having second thoughts on availing a self storage facility and see self storage costs because I have not tried it before? I am always out of the country and I am a little worried every time I go out because of my things. Like my gadgets and my laptop.


I normally do not bring my laptop with me and so I just level it inside my room. The last time I did this, my dog spilled some milk in it and so I had to have it repaired. Right now I am thinking if it is right to seek a self storage facility so I can be at ease and I have a peace in mind while traveling. Do you have any suggestions? Please I need recommendations. Thanks!

Social life neglect



These days, I am so busy with work, and I had the chance to buy online and it is really amazing. Imagine I do not need to go to the mall? Well, in my first weeks of shopping online, I already found the best wood watch I have been searching for. I also bought a camping gear plus some cool shoes for trekking for my next adventure with my cousins. I am excited to use them already. And oh, I also bought some laptop cases and some cute wallpapers and even filters for my iPhone. I am also planning to start my passion project of documenting people’s lives through the best 360 grad kamera, I recently purchased. it was such a nice and grerat investment.