How can you make the apps more attractive for the general public?

March 5, 2011 @ 3:07 pm

How can you make the apps more attractive for the general public?


So, whenever you are a self employed developer, or you are working for a company that develops apps, you need always have in mind the things you must offer in order to get higher app store rankings. With the million smartphones in the world people are downloading and installing a lot of apps recently.  The creation of the apps and the purchasing is growing a lot nowadays.

  1. How the App Store Optimization is important for app store rankings?

The App Store Optimization is really important because it helps in the searching and the marketers. There are a numerous ways of finding new apps, from websites, media, friend, to services that offer new and existing apps.


  1. Changing the title of your app or give a catchy name to your app

Choose a good name for your app because it is an essential element when you are going to publish it for downloading. It is important part of the app store optimization and app store ranking in order to adapt to the searching.

It will be also easier for the customers to remember the title, it needs to be easy to pronounce, and good to hear it and something that will stay in your brain for a while. Also the name of the app must correlate with the app itself.  Renaming the app, changing the keywords essential to the app or creating different variations of the name it won’t help the ranking of the apps. As the app is going higher and reaching more reviews, changing its name may cause dropping the ranking and can make it difficult to spread around. Once you pick the name, stick with it and make sure it is good and adequate so you don’t have to change it afterwards and have additional issues.


  1. How can you come up with a good name for your app?

The good name means higher ranking automatically. If the app is good and the name is even better, the users will have an idea of what is the app about with just reading the name of it. The statistics have shown that the apps in top 10 rankings had good and catchy names. Some of the developers said that they sometimes download some new apps because they were intrigued by the name, and wanted to see if the app is as good as the name itself.





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