Need vacation

August 22, 2017 @ 7:18 pm


I am so stressed out with work. I have been promoted as manager for the past six weeks and instead of being happy with my current position, I am currently so stressed because I wasnt able to expect the load of work that would be given to me. I mean I think I need a break from this. I already told my boss I think I need to have time for myself and focus on relaxing so I xan go back to my focus on work He then gave me a two week vacation and I accepted his proposal. Now, I am in a vacation in a hotel and later, I will go to the mall to shop some clothes and accessories for myself. I mean I think I should sometimes treat myself. Maybe I should buy a couple of shoes to replace my old ones, then I need to buy a black coat to fit in my outfit as well as a best wooden watches to make my look more classy and simple. I need to buy cook books too because next week I will be trying out some dishes to cook as my pals will be coming over for two days. I think I need to buy a microwave oven too so I can whip up some coolies and brownies for dessert. I know this two week vacation will make me even better as a person as well as in my professional week so I am just happy that my boss gave me this vacation. This means he values my personal life so I can work better in the business.

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